An initial consultation will reveal whether you are a suitable candidate for a Hair Transplant procedure, and should this not be the case, Dr Tam will happily recommend alternative Hair Restoration solutions.


A face-to-face consultation with Dr Tam costs £100. The 30-45 minute session will involve a thorough consultation, a medical assessment and a review of what can be achieved and what to expect on the day of your procedure should you be seen as suitable for an FUE Hair Transplant.

Dr Tam may recommend FDA Approved Topical Medications (starting from £125) and/or FDA Approved Oral Medications (starting from £132) to control the process of hair loss.

During your consultation, we will discuss the treatment and draw out the treatment area. The area is then measured and we can work out the fees based on those measurements. Finance example available, please contact us for more information on finance.


Example of 20cm² Treatment

Treatment Fee-£4,700.00

Example of 30cm² Treatment

Treatment Fee-£5,900.00

Example of  40cm² Treatment

Treatment Fee-£7,200.00