FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction

A receding hairline can have both a physical and mental effect on an individual, it can often give a premature ageing appearance in some, while in others they report it making them feel ‘down’ and lacking in confidence.

Whilst there are several medications and non-surgical options available to stop further hair loss, none of them restore the hair that has been lost. A professional hairline transplant will not only be able to restore the areas of lost hair, it will also be a longer-lasting solution to the problem of hair loss which in turn can rejuvenate your appearance and restore confidence.

FUE hair transplant process

What to expect from a FUE transplant

Natural Looking Results

Natural-looking results through natural direction.

Which direction does your hair naturally grow towards?

There is no point trying to fight against nature, so simply put, let us go with the flow! By following your natural and therefore biological hair direction as much as possible, Dr Tam can achieve the most naturally looking hairline.

Prior to your procedure, we will discuss your natural growth direction and the circumstances where a “cow-lick” or rapid change of direction are undesirable and/or counter productive to your hair's coverage.

Ultra High Density

When it comes to creating recipient sites for your grafts generic surgical tools are often used. However, since it is essential to match the size of the site as close as possible to both the size and even depth of your grafts – Dr Tam only uses custom made incision tools for each procedure carried out. By hand cutting each blade he uses, Dr Tam ensures a degree of precision and accuracy that is second to none.

The site created by these custom blades will fit your grafts perfectly ensuring more incisions can be made in a given area, enabling a higher density of grafts. In short, the final result is a denser, thicker hairline.

Minimal Signs of the FUE Procedure

One of the keys to minimising visible signs of the FUE procedure in the donor area is in the harvesting technique by the surgeon. Dr Tam uses a minute sized surgical punch combined with a skilled spacing technique between follicles to ensure the visible impact in the donor area is minimal.

With little impact at the donor sites this helps improve healing times and reduces scarring, which also allows you the freedom to adopt various hairstyles, be it long or short.

Benefits image

Benefits of FUE hair transplants

  • - There is little visible scarring - either in the donor site or the procedure site.
  • - Faster healing time - we would expect a little inflammation and redness after the procedure but these symptoms to recede in a matter of only a few days.
  • - Suitable for short hair styles - because of the detail in the FUE procedure it is suitable for all hair styles – even short ones!
  • - Minimally invasive - the whole procedure is designed to have the minimum adverse impact possible on the treatment area, and as such, when performed correctly is incredibly successful and pain-free.

Why a FUE transplant with Dr Mark Tam is different

  • - Smaller punch size - this means where the follicle has been removed is less visible and Dr Tams spacing techniques leave the harvested area looking almost untouched and pain free.
  • - Personalised technique - Dr Tam performs/is present at every procedures in his clinic which is why we only perform one operation per day to give each patient his fullest attention
  • - The recipient size is smaller - Dr Tam uses bespoke made blades for each patient to ensure the impact of the procedure is minimal yet the results amazing.
  • - Individually separated hair follicles - Dr Tam works at a micro level which ensures a higher follicular density which turn gives a more natural denser looking hairline.

FUE Hair Transplant FAQs

Right, to check if you're a suitable candidate for hair transplant treatment I would suggest if you send your photos in through the pre-ass process. Now the pre-ass process is once you send in the photos I will personally assess your photo and review your suitability. If you're suitable I'll personally give you a little design and also give you a treatment estimate. Included in the pre-assessment we will send you some base information before you actually come in for your consultation.

After a hair transplant procedure what you can expect to see in the transplanted area is a good visual improvement. So you have more hair in the area. Now a lot of the time we can't achieve perfection in the treatment area so the thickness and density won't be quite as thick as how it used to be. That's not the aim of it, the aim is to give you a good visual improvement in the treatment area.

If you've experienced male pattern hair loss and you think hair transplant to restore the hairline. You should be aware that sometimes after the transplant your native hair might receive further. Medication is going to be very important and very helpful in addressing future hair loss and slowing down future hair loss. However, if you experience further hair loss it might mean that you may need further hair transplants in certain areas.

If you have a receding hairline sometimes you may also experience a degree of hair loss in your crown area. When we restore your hairline with a hair transplant we may, or we may not, be able to restore the crown at the same time. Sometimes the crown may not need or be ready for hair transplant just yet. So feel free to send in your photos and we can assess that for you.

Donor resource is limited so there is only so much hair your donor area we can harvest and transplant from. A lot of the time we can transplant somewhere between 5000 and 6000 grafts in your lifetime. That can be three to four treatments in your lifetime. Of course you may not need that much or you may need more than that. So, we have to be careful when planning your hair transplant treatment.

When I restore the hairline a lot of the time we focus on the naturalness. Now in order to achieve that we need to use a lot of single hair follicles, aka single grafts. Now this is going to give you a very natural look when you brush your hair back, and people won't be able to see the pluggyness of some of the thicker hair. So when I restore the hairline I use a lot of single grafts.

If you naturally have straight hair when we transplant the hair from donor to the recipient area it will be straight hair. If you have mildly curly hair when we transplant from donor to the recipient area it will still maintain that mild curl. Mind you, if you have very curly hair make sure you mention it to me because sometimes it might present a technical change while we are doing the treatment.

When I carry out a hair transplant treatment i carry out the majority of the hair transplant treatment. I carry out the majority of the hair transplant treatment. So there are different parts of the treatment, from the design the consent, to the actual anaesthetic and extraction of the hair follicles, making the recipient site to placing the hair follicles. So I personally prefer the main important parts, which is extracting hair follicles, making the recipient sites. The placing part I have my team to assist, so they can place simultaneously. Two to three pair of hands placing is quicker than me trying to do it all on my own. I do a final check before they finish to check that everything is looking good.

My team is very experienced. Some of them who has been working for me for 10 years. When you come in you get to know them in person and you'll find they are here to help you with every step of your hair transplant treatment.

Magnification is very important in hair transplants. When I do a hair transplant treatment I wear highly powered magnification. We call it loops and it is stereoscopic. My assistant will use the microscope to examine your grafts under the micro. And when you come back for your follow up, or before your hair transplant treatment, we also use a digital microscope to check your density of the area.

Our hair transplant treatment fee is based on surface area. When you come in for a consultation we will get to measure your surface area of treatment. The bigger the area, the more work we need, the more grafts we need to transplant. Our hair transplant treatment fee starts from £5400 to £7600.

Hair transplant treat is generally very safe. It's done under local anaesthetic so you stay fully awake for your treat. When you come in for your consultation we will explore in more detail about the risks and complications. Immediately after treatment the treated area is going to look red, swollen, and the appearance is going to look a little bit drastic, and it will take a couple of days before it settles down. You can aim to go back to your normal life around 10 to 14 days from the treatment.

After your hair transplant treatment I will see you in person 10 to 14 days after the treatment to check everything is going ok. Also, I'll see you again in 10 to 12 months to assess the final result.

After your hair transplant treatment your hair doesn't start growing immediately just yet. The first two weeks is all about healing and looking after your new hair. After that your hair may experience what we call shedding and hair will temporarily fall off first before it comes back. Usually from about 3 to 6 months the hair will start growing, when I say start, it's the start of the growth. And gradually it will thicken up somewhere between 6 to 10 months’ time. Final results to be expected 10 to 12 months from the treatment.

Start Your Assessment Today

In order to save patients time and unnecessary costs, Dr Tam requires a pre-consultation screening to assess your suitability for surgery based on supplied photographs.

This form of assessment will only serve to give you an idea of whether you are likely to be suitable for a Hair Transplant, as well as providing you with a rough price estimate for the area you wish to have treated.

This assessment is complimentary but does not replace the need for a full consultation.

Once you have submitted your details along with the 3 required photos Dr Mark Tam will assess your suitability and you will receive a full report via email.

Recommended image types for uploading include JPG/JPEG and PNG.
Please do not press the back button or refresh the page after pressing the submit button.

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I recently had a hair transplant with Dr Mark Tam and I couldn't be happier with the results (December 2022). From the moment I walked into his office, I knew I was in good hands. His staff was friendly and welcoming, and Dr Tam was very professional and knowledgeable.

The procedure itself was quick and relatively painless, and I was pleasantly surprised by how little discomfort I experienced during the surgery and how fast the recovery was. Now, several months later, I am thrilled with the results so far. My hair looks natural and thick, and I have received numerous compliments on the significant improvement to my overall look thanks to Dr Tam's skilled work.

I highly recommend Dr Mark Tam for anyone considering a hair transplant. He is a true professional who truly cares about his patients and delivering the best possible results. Thank you, Dr Tam!


I recently had a procedure at Dr Mark Tam's surgery. The level of care and professionalism shown by the team was first class. I was made to feel like a VIP from the initial consultation, through surgery on the day, and all the way to aftercare.

Having surgery can be a daunting experience but Dr Tam and the team made everything easy to understand at every stage of the process.

I would highly recommend Dr Mark Tam and his expert team for anyone considering a hairline restoration procedure.


I underwent a hair transplant with Mark and his team in May 2023. It was a significant procedure involving ~2,800 bearing ~5,500 hairs in total. I was extremely impressed by the whole process.

Mark is very thorough in his pre-procedure care, hairline planning, and expectation management. In my case, I was working with both him and a second doctor with whom I plan to have a connected procedure next year. That all went very smoothly. The procedure itself was gloriously uneventful. Mark's team is a well-oiled machine, with everything going as previously explained. The whole thing took 12 hours, and I was extremely well cared from throughout. A great experience.

As to the results, it's only ~2 weeks post-op as I type but i am already thrilled with the results. After care has also been great.


After reviewing various clinics across the UK before deciding to go ahead with my transplant, it was clear to me that Dr Mark Tam put the customer at the forefront and the experience which they aim to deliver is unrivalled.

My personal experience - Dr Mark Tam and his team were exceptional from start to finish, the meticulous planning that went into my procedure both before and on the day was nothing short of extraordinary. They made me feel completely at ease especially throughout the surgery.

I would highly recommend if you are considering getting a hairline transplant to meet with Dr Mark Tam and you will see first-hand why he is at the forefront of his field.


I had my procedure with Dr Tam back in June (6 months ago) but I wanted to deliberately wait until now to write my review, so I could also share the amazing results.

The consultation wasn't free but was far, far more thorough than anything else I'd come across. Dr Tam used a range of methods to calculate the number of follicles required for the specific area - his fee structure is completely transparent and is based on this.

Dr Tam is a clearly master of his trade - its clear he takes pride in his work but also provides first class service. I would recommend Dr Tam anyone.


Just wanted to thank Dr Mark and his incredible team for the entire experience. From the initial 'photo / email' consultation, to the in person session in Dr Mark's office, to the day, I was absolutely blown away by the friendliness and professionalism.

I immediately knew that I was getting the best of the best when it comes to hair transplants and now that I am a couple of weeks down the line in recovery I can already see the talented work that he and his team put together.

Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a transplant!


I had my procedure last weekend and as such am now 8 days post procedure. I had 2100 grafts placed in the frontal area.

All I can say is, Dr Tam and his team provided the the absolute highest standard of service before, during and after the surgery. They are a well oiled, highly skilled machine with a genuine empathetic and human touch.

The only mistake I made was turning up tired and anxious about the procedure, which was completely unfounded. If anyone else is getting them self worked up pre- procedure, please don't, you are in the absolute safest hands.


Dr Tam combines excellence with unrivalled client care to provide a service that is, simply put, outstanding.

Every conceivable detail is covered to ensure comfort, discretion, and a positive experience on the day of surgery. Dr Tam is sincerely personable and friendly; he totally puts you at ease from first contact, all the way to the conclusion of surgery and through aftercare. I went to Dr Tam as he was recommended to me by somebody who insisted he is the best hair transplant surgeon in London, and he more than lived up to this reputation.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Tam to anybody considering hair restoration; this is a life changing procedure, and I honestly don't think you could find a more dedicated surgeon, with such phenomenal levels of client care. If you go ahead with Dr Tam, rest assured, you are in the safest hands out there.

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