The Motivation

Josh is a British designer living in Paris. He started noticing his hair loss in his mid-20s, initially becoming aware of seeing more of his scalp when styling his hair in front of the mirror. He could see that his hair was getting thinner and thinner and felt that this had an ageing effect.

Searching for solutions, he found Dr Tam’s website. Looking at the hair restoration results of others - young men just like him - gave Josh the confidence to book a consultation.

Image of Josh before the treatment Image of Josh after the treatment

The Process

Dr Tam knew that Josh was at the start of his hair loss journey and had not yet researched anti-hair loss medication or other non-surgical solutions, so he advised him not to rush into hair transplant surgery. They discussed all the treatment options for hair restoration, and Josh went home with plenty of information to consider. Dr Tam also started him on some anti-hair loss medication to see if it would improve his rate of hair loss. Eight months later, Josh was back in his clinic; he had not responded favourably to the medication and had decided that he was ready for a hair transplant to restore his hairline.

Using his Treatment Area Mapping and Measurements (TAM+M) technique, Dr Tam accurately measured the treatment area and calculated the exact number of grafts and hair follicles required to achieve the optimal hair density for Josh to create a natural-looking hairline. Josh's total treatment area for his first treatment was 30.7 cm2. The procedure transplanted 1,911 grafts, which resulted in 3,023 hairs, with 799 single hair follicles, perfect for use at the edges of the hairline, and 1,112 double hair follicles for density. Four years later, the photographs show a natural-looking hairline, maintaining a great result, with minimal signs of donor intervention.

The Result

Josh was pleased with the result and said that the first hair transplant treatment allowed him to have a much-improved hairstyle for the next five years or more. He has now decided to come back to Dr Tam for a second treatment. After his first hair transplant, he saw some additional areas he wanted to improve upon – including the density, look and style in some spots. Coming back again is a wonderful opportunity to add to the pleasing results already achieved, to make them even better using the skilled hands of Dr Tam, taking his hair restoration to the next level.

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After 2nd Treatment

Image of Josh after the 2nd treatment
Image of Josh after the 2nd treatment

Start your Assessment Today!

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After 1st Treatment

Image of Josh after the treatment Image of Josh after the treatment Image of Josh after the treatment
Image of Josh after the treatment

Benefits of an Assessment

Dr Mark Tam explains the benefits of an assessment.

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Start Your Assessment Today

In order to save patients time and unnecessary costs, Dr Tam requires a pre-consultation screening to assess your suitability for surgery based on supplied photographs.

This form of assessment will only serve to give you an idea of whether you are likely to be suitable for a Hair Transplant, as well as providing you with a rough price estimate for the area you wish to have treated.

This assessment is complimentary but does not replace the need for a full consultation.

Once you have submitted your details along with the 3 required photos Dr Mark Tam will assess your suitability and you will receive a full report via email.

Recommended image types for uploading include JPG/JPEG and PNG.
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