The Motivation

When Ryan, a freelance graphic designer, started his first job at the age of 21, it came with a fair bit of stress. Soon after, he started to notice his hair loss, firstly with thinning and receding at the temples. By the time he was 25, this has progressed with additional thinning on top.

Determined to do something about it by the age of 26, Ryan chose Dr Mark Tam after shortlisting and consulting with several different hair transplant surgeons until he found a perfect match. Ryan's personal goals were to fill in the temples and lower his hairline.

Image of Ryan before the treatment 2nd image of Ryan before the treatment Image of Ryan after the treatment

The Process

To achieve a natural-looking transplanted hairline, Dr Tam champions the use of precise measurements.

In designing Ryan's new look, the hairline needed to be much straighter, bringing his temple forward and balancing his temple points. Once Dr Tam has established the lines that form a new hairline design, he uses Treatment Area Mapping and Measurements (TAM+M) to precisely calculate the exact amount of hair follicles and the graft number required to achieve the patient's goals.

Density matters greatly with hair transplantation, but looking natural is equally important. The types of grafts chosen by Dr Tam will dictate the results, and this is where his skill in restoring the temple points is second to none. Using singular hair follicles and individually separated hair follicles, he ensures the temple points appear natural and soft, with hair flowing in the right direction and minimal tell-tale signs of transplantation.

However, the focus but not solely be on the hairline, and it is easy to neglect the donor area(s). A fantastic result at the hairline can be ruined by a poorly harvested donor area. Using smaller instrumentation and precise follicular unit extraction (FUE) punches, Dr Tam leaves donor areas with minimal scarring. In Ryan's case, he required nearly 2,500 hair follicles/grafts which were harvested from the back of his head; even so, he can now wear his hair short as the scarring is barely visible. Similarly, the reduced scarring means that if he requires further treatment for hair loss in future, there are sufficient hair follicles available to harvest again.

The Result

The density of the hair in the transplanted area is hardly noticeable against the rest of his hair, and amounts to 50 grafts per cm², a fantastic improvement.

Dr Tam achieved a successful improvement resulting in a more youthful look to Ryan's hairline, meeting his personal goal to fill in his temple with a natural, fuller-looking hairline. Coverage at the temples is restored, his hairline is lower and straighter, and his temple points have a more defined edge and slope; overall the transplanted area looks natural, with minimal signs of intervention.

Ryan enjoys the freedom to have a whole new hairstyle. Previously, he grew his hair longer to style it in a way that covered his temples and hairline, to obscure his hair loss. Now he has the confidence to cut his hair short and style it up and back away from his hairline. Doesn't it look great!

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Before & After

Image of Ryan after the treatment Image of Ryan after the treatment Image of Ryan after the treatment Image of Ryan after the treatment
Image of Ryan and Dr Tam after the treatment Image of Ryan after the treatment Image of Ryan after the treatment Image of Ryan after the treatment

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Benefits of an Assessment

Dr Mark Tam explains the benefits of an assessment.

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